Areas of practice for Morrison, Frost, Olsen, Irvine & Schartz, LLP

Riley County Courthouse


The following is a summary of our major practice areas. If you do not see your area of interest or concern listed, please contact the firm for more information.

Estate Planning/Probate

We assist individuals with all aspects of probate matters, trust administration, and planning for the future, including will preparation, powers of attorney, living wills and more. We invest the time to understand each client's concerns so that we can implement a personalized plan that meets the client’s goals and expectations.
» Contact Jim Morrison or Kitra Schartz

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

We have the experience and detailed knowledge of the law to help injured individuals obtain recovery from responsible third parties. We thoroughly analyze each case and offer strategies to obtain the best possible result. » Contact Rod Olsen, Craig Olsen, or Kitra Schartz.

Family Law

We understand that family law cases often involve very personal issues, and we provide dedicated representation in divorce, custody issues, prenuptial agreements and adoption. » Contact Jim Morrison, Craig Olsen, or Kitra Schartz.

Real Estate Law

Each attorney owns real estate in the Manhattan area and is familiar with the local market. We represent clients in all phases of buying, selling or leasing residential and commercial properties. We represent landlords with landlord-tenant issues. » Contact Bernard Irvine or Jim Morrison.

Agricultural Law

We represent farmers, ranchers and agricultural businesses in a wide range of legal issues, including farm leases/terminations, fencing and boundary disputes, regulatory issues, business/succession planning and secured transactions. » Contact Bernard Irvine.

Workers Compensation

We assist employees with claims for workers compensation benefits. » Contact Rod Olsen.

Local Government Law

We have gained extensive experience in municipal and local government law, representing Kansas cities and counties for more than thirty years. We are available for particular issues/cases or to serve as general counsel. » Contact Bill Frost

Business Law

We provide local businesses with a full-range of legal services. We help start businesses by guiding clients through the process to create or incorporate their business, and we provide ongoing counsel on all legal issues, including employment, collections, and contracts. » Contact Bernard Irvine or Jim Morrison.

Civil Litigation

We represent individuals and businesses with a wide variety of matters that involve litigation. » Contact Bernard Irvine, Rod Olsen, or Jim Morrison.

Criminal Defense

We defend individuals charged with traffic offenses, other misdemeanors and felony offenses. Bernard Irvine and Jim Morrison both formerly prosecuted felonies and misdemeanors in the Riley County District Court, and both currently serve as prosecutors for a Kansas city. » Contact Bernard Irvine, Craig Olsen, or Jim Morrison.

*Due to conflicts of interest, MFOIS, LLP, cannot defend criminal charges in the municipal courts of Ogden or St. Marys.